Providing truly transforming training, London-based Administrate customer, Radtac Limited, positions itself as an “Agile specialist services provider who transforms organisations by releasing the potential of their people through training, coaching and consulting, delivery, visualisation, and bringing in the best people to deliver measurable results”. With clients across different industries, their specialist knowledge has lead to digital transformation and adoption of Agile methodologies by some of the biggest brands out there, including VISA, William Hill, BT, Nokia and the National Health Service.

So how does such a progressive, forward-thinking, organisation manage its training operation? With flexible, industry-leading training management software that incorporates a REST API, online course booking and a LMS (Learning Management System) component to support eLearning. That's us!

Administrate has been working with Radtac since December 2015 and we recently took some time to catch up with their Training Manager, Jo Sharp, and internal Software Developer, Richard Levy to see how things are progressing.

Getting Started

A structured, considered, implementation plan is vitally important when starting off with new software. From a customer's perspective, the implementation process helps you discover how to get the most advantage from using Administrate to manage your training business. From our perspective, starting off on the right footing ensures that Administrate is ingrained as part of our customer's journey to success.

Richard was responsible for leading the setup at Radtac and had this to say of the process:

"The implementation process was smooth, certainly helped by having regular calls and contact with Matt who on-boarded us. He was always on hand to add detail or answer questions."

Complete Control

Before Administrate, Radtac used a few different systems to manage their training operation but found that this didn't offer as much customisation as they needed. One of the fundamental reasons Radtac chose Administrate was the full control we afford through our powerful API.


"It was the REST API that drew us to Administrate.  It allowed us to create a custom implementation on our site and in particular to add functionality that wasn’t provided out of the box, such as fine grained discount capabilities and more flexible views over categories.  It’s a solid API and once we’d grasped the concepts we found it easy to deal with and flexible to build on top of."

One System for Everything

We like to describe our software as "The Platform to Manage Your Entire Training Operation". A bold claim, substantiated by a packed feature list and how our customers use it. As Jo from Radtac notes:

"Administrate has allowed us to find information on our events, course templates and trainers in one place. Along with event scheduling that syncs directly with our website which is a great improvement from the previous processes we had in place. Email triggers have helped transform a number of the manual tasks our Business Support Team was having to complete and allow us to track the information our trainees have received."

It's not just the administration of training that's been improved. Our Sales System, built especially for training companies, helps Radtac manage their sales pipeline and as Jo observes, "We now have greater control of the sales we make".

And when it comes to driving the business forward, Radtac enjoy a wealth of actionable data at their fingertips through our reporting engine:

"Reports can now be produced quickly and fairly easily from Administrate which is of great benefit to our business ... generally this has helped us become more accurate in the information we can provide to our various teams including Sales and Marketing along with monthly reporting to our board of directors."

A Year In

One of our core values at Administrate is transparency and we're always keen to get feedback from our customers on how we're doing. We asked Radtac how the first year of using our software had been?


"It's been very good - being able to get a universal view over our public training has been very useful and the existence of an LMS platform that we already pay for has driven us down the e-training route, which we’re excited about."


"Our first year with Administrate has, on the whole, been very positive. I also like the Administrate Weekly Releases email that is sent - it’s good to read about the features and changes."

Expansion into eLearning

Radtac bought into Administrate's state-of-the-art training management software to improve the administration of their training operation, knowing that future plans included expansion into eLearning. The good news? Administrate is built to help scale your offering - our Plus package includes access to our award winning Learning Management System.

As Jo notes:

"Administrate's LMS has been a great revelation, we weren’t aware that this functionality was part of our monthly subscription. We are currently working on content for an Agile Fundamentals course using Adobe Captivate authoring tool. We hope to trial the course end April/early May 2017."

Inspired by Radtac's story and keen to see how Administrate could help your training company grow? Sign up for a free trial or schedule a demo!