First Intuition LogoFirst Intuition provides classroom, online, and distance learning accountancy training for students working towards various accountancy qualifications (AAT, ACCA, CIMA and ICAEW).  Training is at the core of their business as it's the main service provided. The company is 7 years old with the first centre opening in London in 2007. Since that start, the company has opened centres in Bristol, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Maidstone, Manchester, Reading and Ireland.  There are also international centres offering distance learning in Spain, Azerbaijan and Pakistan!

Discovered Through a Peer

Like many current Administrate customers, First Intuition was introduced to the software by another customer, in this case, another First Intuition training centre!  After being recommended by the Reading First Intuition centre, the Cambridge centre arranged their own demo, and first impressions were that it would fit.  "It looked like it was much more suited to our business than the systems we were currently using and had the potential to save lots of time," said Helen Lovett, Customer Service Director for the Cambridge Location.

Affordable and More Suited To Their Needs

First Intuition was on a very thorough hunt for better training administration software, and in addition to evaluating Administrate, several other UK based training management software systems were evaluated.  All of these cost more than Administrate and require long-term contracts while offering similar functionality.  Even more basic options like Excel were explored, but ultimately, the team at First Intuition found themselves drawn back to Administrate. At the end of the day, according to the team evaluating the landscape, "Administrate is cheaper than other similar products on the market and more suited to our needs."

It's Easy to Get Up and Running

"We had several demonstrations and live online sessions in order to learn enough about the system to make the decision. Once we had decided to go ahead, getting access was instant as it is a web based programme," says Helen.  Implementation is always a process, but Helen adds, "[It was] very easy to get up and running and the online training videos were very useful."  First Intuition also elected to pay for some additional training during this process.

"Administrate Surpassed Our Expectations"

"The product has surpassed our expectations," according to Helen.

Specifically, First Intuition says:

  • "The product is made specifically for training organisations so it meets all our needs and means we can do everything using one system (producing class lists, invoices, attendance reports etc)."
  • "Administrate saves us having to duplicate information into different systems."
  • "The customer service has been excellent and all my problems have been resolved very quickly."
  • "I’ve also been impressed with how the system is constantly being improved to make it even better."
  • "I used to have to create course lists, attendance reports and record mock exam submission separately to the finance system I used for creating invoices. This meant duplicating lots of information into 2 different system which was time consuming and frustrating."

Excellent Customer Service

Trusting your business to any service provider is always a big decision, and one of the things to look for in any mission critical service is great customer service. According to Helen and her team, "The customer service has been excellent and they are always very quick to respond. The support has been very good in comparison to other companies we deal with. The time it takes to get assistance with a problem is very quick and instructions given are clear."

Saving time, saving money, and great customer service are all things you should expect when coming on board with Administrate, and we're delighted to have Helen and First Intuition as one of our customers!