In the past few months you may have noticed we've been teaming up with CloudShare for a number of different projects! From hosting a co-webinar with them, to welcoming Lee Berkman, Virtual Labs and Business Development Expert at CloudShare, to run some talks and workshops for us at LITE 2017.

Another exciting project we've been working on with the CloudShare team is an integration between their software and Administrate! This deep integration helps save time and increase accuracy when synchronising classes, students, and instructors between the students.

About CloudShare

CloudShare is the leading provider of premium IT environments in the cloud, and one of the features they offer their customers is Virtual Training Labs, which allows users to offer their students a realistic, hands-on training environment, quickly and easily, and with minimal IT support. This means Virtual Labs are ideal for any type of training, including instructor-led training and self-paced individual training, and gives users the ability to reach more students with high quality hands-on software training, with far less cost and effort than other systems.

To find out more about Virtual Training Tabs, you can view Lee Berkman's workshop from LITE 2017 - 'How to Boost Business with Virtual Training Labs'.

How to Boost Business with Virtual Training Labs [Lee Berkman]
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What our Integration Does!

Administrate's integration with CloudShare means you can sync courses between the two systems seamlessly, meaning you can still manage all your courses from within Administrate, even if they are run from one of CloudShare's virtual training labs.

Syncing Events

Once you have created an event in Administrate as you normally would, you can choose to sync your event through to CloudShare, which will pull through all the vital data you need such as the time, date, and resources. Syncing your events not only means they will also be created within CloudShare, which cuts down on duplicate data entry for you, but it also means that all the information your students need from CloudShare such as the URL and passcode for their specific training course, will also be pulled back into Administrate!

Registering Students

Our CloudShare integration also ensures that any students which register for your events online will trigger a registration to be created within both Administrate and CloudShare. Students will then receive an automated communication, which is triggered by the registration creation, and will include all the information they need for their upcoming training. This ensures that your students are set up on both platforms, but they are only receiving one set of communications from a centralised point, instead of being overloaded with lots of separate communications.

Get all the Details!

If you want to get all the details on our CloudShare integration, you can check out CloudShare's Lee Berkman and Administrate's Troy Michel, Chief Product Officer, presenting about it at LITE 2017 with their talk 'A Day in the Life of a Highly Integrated Training Scenario'.

You can also read all about it on our Integrations page!

A Day in the Life of a Highly Integrated Training Scenario [Lee Berkman & Troy Michels]
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If you're an Administrate customer, and are interested in our CloudShare integration, please get in touch with your Account Manager to discuss getting it set up for you!