Can you manage a training business with nothing more than the Administrate training management software and an iPad?  Yes indeed!

Until we released our updated interface late last year, Administrate wasn't iPad friendly. There were rendering problems with the pages when viewed through a phone or tablet browser. We didn't officially support Webkit browsers (like Chrome or Safari) which removed significant populations of mobile users. Most importantly, our menu system relied on a "hover" based trigger mechanism which didn't work on mouseless, touch based platforms.

Administrate Users Love Their iPads!

That's all changed since we released our new UI last year. Now we have many users accessing Administrate on the go from a variety of mobile platforms. None of them, however, is quite as popular as the iPad. From our own internal staff to many different clients, the iPad is the undisputed champion of portable devices logging into Administrate. Some of our customers have even commented that the iPad is the only device they use to access Administrate.

(Safely) Accessing Administrate Everywhere

We were thrilled when we received an email a month or two ago from Steve Booker at Kentec where he told us how a member of his team used the iPad to book a student onto a course via Administrate.  The fact that his team member was sitting beside him in the car on the motorway was definitely less traditional!  We're really happy that Administrate is accessed all over the world with a variety of devices in different situations, and we're even happier that Steve was driving safely and delegating iPad duties to his passenger!

See how Kentec's business development manager took an an enquiry for a course, checked course availability, instructor availability, booked the student, created the course invoice, emailed the course invoice, and sent a booking form all via the iPad!