Keys Training runs courses across the United Kingdom on a wide variety of topics, ranging from Sales Training, to Customer Service Training, and training on Microsoft Office!

Moving From Microsoft Access and Another Vendor

Their mid-sized team implemented Administrate in 2011, replacing an Access database which had become too complex, and a Course Booking and CRM system from another software vendor.  "The implementation was smooth and quick," says Jack Tiley, Director, "Your support team is excellent and we got great help whenever we needed it."

One of the things Keys Training loves about Administrate is the unrestricted and flexible access that they now have to their business information, thanks to the online nature of the system.  However, convenience is certainly not the most important thing.

Keys Training Maintains Over 25,000 Relationships with the Administrate CRM

“Maintaining relationships is critical for us, and Administrate is a major factor in ensuring we keep in touch with our customers." says Jack.  He goes on to add that, "Since we implemented Administrate we haven’t missed a thing, thanks to the task management and communication history.”  In fact, Keys Training has over 25,000 contacts living within Administrate, and with a database this size being able to easily access this data is critical.

Administrate: Our Sales and Operations Hub

“Administrate is the sales and operations hub of our business, and it would now be very difficult to run without Administrate,” says Mr. Tiley.  It's a responsibility we take extremely seriously and we're so happy to have customers like Keys Training come on board and immediately see a difference within their training business.