Only the Best

It's immediately apparent that only the best is good enough for Iyad Mourtada, founder and General Manager of OpenThinking. Spend five minutes with him and you'll walk away with a dizzying array of recommendations on everything from travel to software to marketing tactics to coffee!   Are you looking for a better web conferencing service? Iyad has tried them all, and he'll helpfully blitz through the pros and cons of each option while encouraging you to try them out yourself.

Learning to Open Your Mind

This frank, honest, rapid-fire exchange of ideas and best practices is at the heart of what OpenThinking and it's range of courses is all about. "All too often in life we find that people are unconsciously or subconsciously limiting themselves because they aren't open to new ideas," says Mourtada, "our financial, management, marketing, and leadership courses are designed to help our students break through these barriers, challenge themselves, and increase their effectiveness!"

Maintaining an open mind is driven home from the first minute you spend visiting the OpenThinking training centre, located in the world class Dubai Knowledge Village. Posted prominently on the door is a sign in large letters that reads, "ATTENTION: Now entering the Open Thinking Zone!"  Once inside, the training centre is filled with bright colours and the best of everything.  Attention to detail is the rule right down to the chairs, espresso, and state of the art projection equipment.

OpenThinking, Powered by Administrate

"When we started the business, we were looking for software that would help us run our training sessions and manage instructors. Administrate was a no-brainer for us. It's simply the best!" says Iyad. For the past year OpenThinking has used Administrate to manage all of its courses, student relationships, instructors, and help with certificates fulfilment.

"We use Administrate every day, and we believe in the product so much that of course we had to tell others about it!" says Iyad. "When I heard another company was looking for a solution to help manage their training business, I told them they had to use Administrate, and now months later they're just as happy as I am."

Administrate helps keep the diverse course catalog offered by OpenThinking under control, and means that the entire operation can be managed by just one person.  "I can't believe the value I get from Administrate - it has literally changed the way I run and approach my business!"