LITE 2017 is fast approaching and I can assure you it’s a must attend event! Previous years have offered professionals from across the learning and training spectrum the opportunity to culminate and receive a huge dose of inspiration and learning. This year we are guaranteeing the same and more!

This year we have not one, but two session tracks! Yes, that’s right, we’re upping the ante for LITE 2017! In previous years, we have focused on Administrate, how to use it, and how to learn more about it. However, with two tracks we have been able to create a schedule that concentrates on the broader concepts that are applicable to all training companies and all learning professionals. So regardless of whether you are a customer or not, LITE will provide value.

Still on the Fence?

I’m guessing the reason for this is one or a combination of the following:

  • It’s too much time to commit.
  • It’s too expensive or you may feel that it isn’t relevant.

I agree, two days is a lot of time, £100 is a lot of money, and what can we teach you that you don’t already know about your business?

I get it, but think about it this way, by investing now, you will save in the future! By devoting time and money to LITE, you will gain information and practices that over time will undoubtedly save you what you invested and more. For instance, if you were to learn one practice (I’m sure you will learn far more), and say that practice saved you one hour of work per week, in the long run you would save far more time and money than you ever committed to LITE.

Workshop of the Week

This week we are focusing on our Managing a Sales Operation – How Times Have Changed workshop. The workshop will be led by Bob Sabra, VP of Operations, and Patrick Flanagan, Chief Commercial Officer. Both have managed highly successful sales operations within Administrate, which have gone from strength to strength as the company has grown. This workshop will provide valuable insight into how to develop and manage a successful sales operation that scales with your business.

LITE Throwback

Bob also spoke at LITE 2015! Since then he has joined the Administrate team and will be taking several workshops at LITE 2017. To get a taster for what to expect check out his 2015 talk bellow.