It's Thursday, and if you pay any attention to social media, you'll see a lot of people sharing their personal 'blasts from the past' as part of Throw Back Thursday (#TBT). With that in mind, I thought it would be great to look back on some of our most popular Training Tips articles from days gone by. Enjoy!

1 - 6 Essential Qualities Training Managers Need

The role of a training manager is a varied one, but as with any job, there are certain skills and areas of knowledge that are essential. These include:

  • Having a deep knowledge of the business
  • The ability to measure and assess staff training needs
  • Strong communication skills

Want to know the last three? Read the full post here. Are they any other essential skills we missed? Do share in the comments.


2 - How to Make Workplace Training More Fun

Learning should be fun; the problem is that often work-related learning can be perceived as boring. The fact is that a sprinkling of amusement can create a far better learning experience and of course, make delivering training a more enjoyable experience. How about adding a touch of gamification? Us humans are visual beasts - add images to your teaching. See here for more guidance on adding fun to the training room!


3 - How to Identify a Skills Gap in Your Employees

In an ideal world, skills gaps wouldn't exist. The problem is, we don't live in a world of perfection. Reality check over! It's of paramount importance that training pros can effectively identify where the gaps exist in a workforce's repertoire. Aside from testing all team members, how can you pin-down the areas that require attention? Find out here.


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