Please Note: This is a deeper discussion of the things we value and how we work.  Read more about what we believe here.

Our software helps training companies and training departments around the world manage their operations and market their course offerings.  Because so many companies large and small depend on our service being available and reliable this is a responsibility we take extremely seriously.


It's easy to say that our service must be reliable, but the concept of reliability extends beyond our software - it includes the service providers, delivery mechanisms, technical strategy, how we test, and ourselves as individuals.  We place a premium on reliability because we know how integral we are to our customers' success but we also believe that reliability breeds trust and provides a foundation for other values to foster.  It's hard to be truthful, for example, if you're not reliably truthful!


By default, we want to be a transparent company.  Instead of needing justification to make things public, we believe that we need justification of why we're making something private.

We value transparency because it's what we expect from our vendors and suppliers - we don't appreciate being kept in the dark.  Our commitment to transparency affects how we communicate internally (for example, everyone in the company gets to see how we're doing against our targets every week), how we communicate to our customers, and also how we sell and market our product.  This doesn't always feel natural, but we believe it's incredibly important when companies are putting their faith in us.


It can often be tempting to bend the truth, sugar coat it, or obfuscate.  We've felt these temptations before, often when things go wrong in embarrassing or harmful ways, but it's precisely those situations where open and honest communication needs to be absolute.  Our commitment to truth is deeper than just accuracy though - it extends to situations such as searching for the real root causes of issues or honest assessments of our services and products.  In all these things we value truth over comfort.

Our Goal: Not Just Another Mission Statement!

We never want these values to be "just another mission statement" tucked away, out of sight and out of mind.  Here's a few examples of how we integrate these values into our broader business.

Do you have ideas on how we could implement these better?  Let us know!  We're here to listen, discuss, and improve.